Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

Goodbye, Livejournal. Or should that be do svidanya?

The new "you must agree to this to even LOOK at content" user agreement specifies that the only legally binding version of the agreement is in Russian. As much skeeviness as I've overlooked from the Russian owners to date, I kinda draw the line at being bound by a contract I can't even read. This is my last post for the foreseeable future...not going to delete the account, in case they decide to stop being horrible before my year's worth of "sorry for the trouble" free professional account time runs out, but I've turned off automatic payments and will be moving the bookmark for LJ to my "dead boards" folder.

I can still be followed on Facebook (Dave Van Domelen), Tumblr (@dvandom), even Twitter although I really just lurk there to read twitfic. Art will mostly go up on my deviantArt account (dvandom). If you don't frequent any of those and want to get in touch, my email's easy enough to find.
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