Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

Too forgiving in my reviews? Maybe, maybe not....

Looking just at toy lines since 2007, here's a (probably not complete) list of all the Transformers that got "neutral" or worse reviews from me. Hm, and it doesn't include brick sets like Kre-O. I dug this up to reply to a "you're too nice" post on a.t.t, and figured it was worth copying.

Legends TF:A Prowl (neutral), Activators Lockdown (neutral), Target exclusive TF:A Sunstorm ("Not even really worth the five bucks I paid."), TF:P Legends Quickstrike Bumblebee (neutral), Legends Rippersnapper (neutral), TF:P PRiD Bumblebee (neutral), Beast Hunters Soundwave (neutral), TF:P Prowl (don't bother unless a completist), Voyager Predaking (neutral), Thundertron ("This toy may be WHY they made no more Star Seekers, it's that bad"), Generations Bumblebee with Blazemaster (neutral), WfC Cliffjumper (not even worth clearance price), Double Clutch with Ralleybots (Avoid), Stakeout with Protectobots (only get if at half price), a whole lot of the 2007 movie Legends class toys (neutral), Fast Action Battlers Ironhide (Avoid), Robot Replicas Barriade (mild avoid), Digital Dagger (neutral), Cyber Stompin' Optimus Prime (neutral), 2007 Leader Megatron ("Overpriced failure"), 2007 Ultimate Bumblebee (not even worth the 1/3 retail price I paid), RotF Legends Skids (avoid), Legends RotF Jolt (neutral), non-combining Legends Rampage (neutral), RPM in general (neutral), Road Rival Showdown (crap qualitycontrol, avoid), Deluxe RotF Rampage (avoid), Deluxe RotF Mudflap (AVOID in all caps), RotF Arcee (Avoid), Activators RotF Megatron (Avoid), Voyager Fallen retool (neutral), RotF Leader Optimus Prime (the toy that put me off Leader Class entirely for years, and I never DID get it back into truck mode), DotM Activators Topspin (only if completist), Nitro Bumblebee (neutral), DotM Mudflap (actually managed to be worse than the RotF version!), Drag Strip with Master Disaster (neutral), Cyberverse Optimus Prime Armored Weapons Platform (avoid).

ETA: There is a reason that with every new Transformers movie, I buy a smaller percentage of the toys....
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