Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

Joplin trip #3

Just a few scattered observations.

The ladies' room at the Webb City Walmart was closed for "cleaneng".

The intersection of Range Line Road and I-44 is a Hot Wheels track set...the left and right lanes swap places before and after the underpass.

I saw what might well be the U-Haul truck that carried my stuff from Nebraska, while getting gas south of Joplin (before turning around and heading back into town, satisfied there was nothing else interesting in that direction).

I did find the Men's/Home part of Macy's at the mall, but nothing I wanted to buy.

(ETA: NyanCar in Webb City.)

My plan to go in the morning and get home before the hottest part of the day kinda failed...got home at 4PM. Derp.
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