Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

Dollar menu burger thoughts

Until I get around to stocking up on bringable lunches for the office (which will have to wait until I get some shelves to make more usable space in the freezer here), I'm eating fast food lunch a lot. And mainly from dollar menus. Getting kinda bored of my usual options, I decided to try some of the hamburgers after a two decade hiatus from the foodstuff.

And yes, I recognize that a dollar menu burger is not exactly a fair evaluation of burgers in general, but I'm mainly looking for "cheap but decent enough I would eat it again". And since I don't much care for most standard hamburger condiments, I got 'em plain.

BK Bacon Burger - Pretty bland. The bacon has almost no flavor at all, and the burger itself really only tastes like grilling char. Inoffensive and edible, but not really worth a repeat. I'll try their cheeseburger next time I eat at BK.

McDonald's Cheeseburger - The cheese is nice and zingy, and if the burger is also bland it at least offers no offensive counter-taste to clash with the cheese. I'll probably have these again, if not as often as McChickens.
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