Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

Poniente, the Wind Mage

She picked the codename in ASH #118, I finally got around to designing her a practical costume. She'll leave flowing, flapping robes to Peregryn, she wants something that'll stay tied down while she uses her new wind magics. The uniform is based on NAC Marshal materials, so it's moderately bulletproof to begin with, and she's enchanted it to be even more protective. Maybe the "2020s equivalent of a cape" thing flips up to get in the way of attacks at her head or something. ;) The symbol on the not-cape is a stretched out version of one of the Lakota symbols for the four winds, and the medicine wheel effect surrounding her fist is another four wind thing (I found pictures of both directions of rotation, FWIW, but there's still a chance I got it backwards). Black is the color of the west wind, but since her name is Esmeralda I worked green into the design as well. The satchel is for her spellbook, a mix of pages she's still learning, and blank space to make notes on things she casts on-the-fly.

This went through three pencilled versions before I was reasonably satisfied. There's still several perspective problems, but I hit the point where I felt I'd just start breaking things if I kept trying to fix 'em. I got a clearanced Copic dull lavendar marker to try for the cloudy sky behind her, but it didn't really blend any better than Prismacolors, and I had to hide some of the rougher borders with the pencilled-in winds.
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