Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

Star Trek: Into Darkness missing scene

I generally enjoyed Star Trek: Into Darkness, but the final endgame had a big hole in it which I think could have been fixed with a short scene near the end. Mind you, it's entirely possible such a scene was shot, but cut for time. After the cut I will script it out, but naturally it's a MASSIVE spoiler for the movie.

The scene picks up right after the scene in which Kirk wakes up in the hospital bed. Spock motions to McCoy that he should join him in the hallway for a moment, and they step out.

MCCOY: Yes, Spock?
SPOCK: One thing has been bothering me the past few weeks. The other seventy-two of Khan's crew were all possessed of his enhancements, correct?
MCCOY: With a few variations here and there, but essentially, yes.
SPOCK: And the essence of importance, the healing factor. They all had it.
SPOCK: So, you didn't actually need Khan alive to save the Captain, did you?
MCCOY (wry grin): No, Spock. I needed Khan alive to save you.

(Cut to Kirk's memorial speech about not becoming as bad as those we fight.)
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