Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

Friendship is Llamas?

Background for people who don't pay attention to such things:

A while back, a group called Mane6 started working on a Street-Fighter-style game using My Little Pony characters, called "Fighting is Magic". They were using an off-the-shelf engine, but doing pretty well in learning how it worked (and didn't work, and how to get around that) and putting together unique moves for all the ponies.

It was well-received. In fact, it was even up for an award for indie games (I forget if they won or just placed well)...which was their downfall. Fighting is Magic got too big for Hasbro to turn a blind eye, and they dropped a Cease & Desist on Mane6.

This is where Lauren Faust, the person behind the current incarnation of MLP, stepped in. She offered to design a new set of characters for Mane6, who would use what they'd learned so far to create an even better game. And now there's a synergy with the kickstarter campaign for a group developing a superior 2-D fighting engine, if they hit 750K they'll give Mane6 a free license.

All that said, silhouettes of some of the new characters are now available as part of a FAQ posting...and one of them appears to be a llama. My Llittle Llama!
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