Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

Not One Of Us

American politics are currently pathologically tribalist. The racism and sexism are just facets of this, what's really important in politics is "Are you One Of Us?" And in few places is this clearer than in the U.S. Senate race for Nebraska. On one side you have a guy who's spent decades serving the state, including terms as U.S. Senator and Governor. On the other, a fourth-generation Nebraska rancher. So what's the theme that outside SuperPACs are hammering on to the exclusion of almost anything else, on BOTH side? "The other candidate isn't a REAL Nebraskan."

Yes, in a campaign where you'd be hard-pressed to find better examples of Real Nebraskans on both sides, "He/She isn't a Real Nebraskan" is still seen as the safest bet for spending all that soft money.
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