Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

A Destron Jr. Halloween

Drawn for the latest AllSpark Art Challenge, to have Transformers throwing a Halloween party. Bullhorn and Cancer are decorating Wilder's transtector (Fangry in America) for the occasion. Without permission.

I made a number of mistakes during inking, but was able to fix most of them. The least-fixed mistake is the inside of the upper right arm, which I started coloring as black (as it is on the toy), before realizing that in the animation model (that I was cribbing from The Ark Compendium II) has that part in pink. Was only able to fix it so far. The head's "wrong" perspective is not actually a mistake, though...Bullhorn and Cancer aren't done getting it into position, and it's tilted forward. Perhaps to comically fall off and land on Wilder. I got help with the Japanese for the candy bag.
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