Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen


So, I needed a few grocery items, and popped out to get them. Three items on my list, and decided to pick up a fourth because I'm getting kinda low on it. Head to the express line with no people in it, figure, "Great, I'll be out of here in no time." No need to go hunting for a short line or cross to the other end of the store for the self-check.

Bread scanned and put in my bag. Coconut bars and margarine picked up. Bars scanned twice, bars and margarine put in my bag. I notice this, because A) the bars are more expensive than the margarine, and B) I wanted to use a coupon on the margarine and it wouldn't work if the margarine wasn't actually scanned.

I point this out. Checker pauses, prints out receipt stub, pulls it out, peers at the register, enters a command.

Bread is now removed from the bill.

Score: three items in bag so far, two no longer charged for, one charged twice.

I point this out. Checker apologizes, takes about fifteen seconds of dithering to rescan bread. Prints out new stub. Refers to it. Removes extra bars. Re-scans bars. Scans margarine. Realizes mistake. Prints out another stub.

I pipe up, "It'd probably be quicker at this point to just cancel the entire thing and start from scratch."

Checker nods, cancels entire order.

Register decides that it's had enough of this malarky and locks up, refusing to budge until a manager can reset it.

Checker stares at it helplessly, shrugs at me. Doesn't actually look to see if a manager is around, just assumes one will magically appear.

I look and see an adjacent line is empty too, start collecting my stuff.

Thinking I'm trying to restart the order with my current location, the checker explains "I'm stuck until this is taken care of," as if pointing out I have to wait.

"I'm not stuck, though."

Take stuff, head to other register. By the time I was finished checking out, the other checker had only just gotten a manager to start fixing the problem there.

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