Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

CoH checklist progress 11 days later

✓ 1. Get No Mind At All that last level to 50.
✓ 2. Get Punchberry from L43 to L50. Currently at L45. ETA: Accomplished Sept 15.
3. Transfer a Vigilante and a Rogue to the Beta server and play the new content for them there. Got the transfers done and started one arc, but not in a big hurry on this one, since it's stuff I can solo.
✓ 4. Use Beast Mastery and Nature Affinity at least once. Gotten to L38, and she has all of the Beast Mastery and Nature Affinity powers. Fun to play, so I'll probably keep playing her, but calling this one definitely accomplished.
✓ 5. Get through Mender Silos's TF successfully. Soloed both hero and villain versions. Died once on each, the villain one is a LOT harder to solo due to all the ambushes.
6. Run Flying Nightingale through enough trials to get her final level shift. Haven't made any progress on this, but I know Tuesday and Thursday nights are good times to try on her server.

Additionally, I've done a few things that weren't on my list but had never done, such as the Abandoned Sewer Trial (one of those "map unavailable" finales that's so hard to coordinate), and every time I've done an Imperious Taskforce I've made sure to take people to the waterfalls.
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