Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

Working the checklist

So, I decided on a few things I wanted to get done in the final months the game has. Checked off two tonight.

✓ 1. Get No Mind At All that last level to 50. (I like the composition on this, bowling over a Rikti Magus with the sheer awesomeness of the MegaDing.)
2. Get Punchberry from L43 to L50. That'll take longer.
3. Transfer a Vigilante and a Rogue to the Beta server and play the new content for them there. That will depend on Beta staying up, and Issue 24 not launching. ETA: Beta was down over the weekend, but it's back up and I've transferred the characters I'll use.
✓ 4. Use Beast Mastery and Nature Affinity at least once. Got her set up, not sure how far I'll get her. ETA: Well, up to 35 in five days, without any egregious farming. Just a lot of pick-up teaming, but plenty of soloing to make sure I get certain mileposts. Cimerora costume, Vanguard costume that uses no Vanguard pieces.
✓ 5. Get through Mender Silos's TF successfully. I've only tried it once, mind you, and that was before incarnates. ETA: Soloed it on K-Type. Only Lord Recluse and Silver Mantis gave me trouble, and I only lost one ally (Swan). Elite Boss Jade Spider folded like a lawn chair. ETA2: Ran the Strike Force on Server Wench, and died when double-teamed by Statesman and Sister Psyche. The ambush-style finale was a LOT harder than the free-the-hostages style of the Task Force's finale.
6. Run Flying Nightingale through enough trials to get her final level shift.

Fairly realistic, I think. Only one really depends on getting people to help with it, although #2 and #6 will be tough if players bail too soon and teams become impossible to find.
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