Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

It's strange...

...when I was a kid, about the worst you could say about the Boy Scouts as an institution was that there was still a fair amount of paternalistic racism clinging to the way it appropriated Native American symbology. And it was a bit old-timey in general, of course...the whole "Why would I need to be able to find my way out of a forest when I live in a city?" thing (although I did get one of my merits for urban exploring). At the same time, Girl Scouts were still saddled with the perception that they were just a Junior Homemakers Club, barely above having a "vacuum the living room while wearing pearls" badge.

Since then, the Boy Scouts have sunk deeper and deeper into a sort of religious conservatism. Every time they've been tested on matters of social progressivism, they've always dug in their heels and taken the regressive path. No atheists allowed, no gays allowed, buckle down and force everything to lawsuit. Meanwhile, the Girl Scouts may still be stuck with the Junior Homemaker stereotype clinging like cheap cigar smoke, but in reality they've embraced social justice and change. They let in atheists, gays, transgendereds...some troops even let in hetero boys. Because, hey, if you're cool with being called a Girl Scout, welcome aboard. It's like taking that one episode of the Brady Bunch where Bobby joins the Sunshine Girls (or whatever that was called) and cranking it up to 11 while also removing the happy ending (at least for those wanting to be in the Boy Scout analogue).
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