Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

My Little Solar Max: Sungazer

So, back in 1989 I made a "me as a superhero" named Solar Max for my Champions campaign in college. Basically, his role was to provide SCIENCE! for the player characters, since none of the existing group were science-types. I later played him as a PC in other campaigns set in my campaign universe (at one point, three other guys were running games in my world), and he ended up in my ASH fiction setting as well. But he was originally named after the Solar Maximum Mission, a solar observatory satellite. So, when I decided to make a pony in Solar Max's color scheme, the fact I was using Rainbow Dash as a basis meant the result would be female and "Solarmax" wouldn't really be an appropriate pony name. Going back to the original satellite inspiration, I decided to call her Sungazer.

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