Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

Ponies visit Nebraska

Rather than use the intended rest stop entrance and exit to the Nebraska Wind Sculpture at Kearney (which would have required driving almost ten miles before I could turn around), I located a dirt road that got within walking distance, went through a fence and took some pictures (a couple days too late) for Equestria Daily's "Ponies Around The World" thing.

There was no wind, so I don't know if the sculpture is just supposed to turn in place, or drift around the artificial pond, or what. There's seven others around the state, although as noted below, ten were planned.

Oddly, the woman at the hotel front desk, who had lived in Kearney her whole life, had no idea the sculpture was there. I made sure to take a pony-less pic to show her. :)
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