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From my trip yesterday and today to interview at Bunker Hill Community College.

April 29, 2011

Got to the Manhattan airport before security opened, but better early than late. Trying to manage this trip with just my backpack and no other luggage...should be interesting. Not bothering with my netbook since I don't expect much downtime.

The nice open architecture of MHK looks pretty, but when the Sun is just coming up and bouncing off all those glass surfaces, the glare is hard to escape.

Through security with no hassles. Forecast has ORD all clear this morning, although DFW may be dicey tomorrow.

Good wireless router at MHK, I still get a bar's worth out in the plane (it doesn't have its own wireless).

Full flight out of MHK. Fortunately I have the A seat that is both aisle and window, so no worries about being stuck next to another big guy. Not that I overflow the seat myself anymore.

Took off two minutes after posted departure time, good enough. It's nice enough we'll probably beat the listed flight time anyway.

Kansas is not flat.

My connection is at gate K18, and MHK is on highway K-18...spooooky.

Unlike DFW, the K concourse here is not generously supplied with outlets for recharging portable electronics. Did find a business stall to top off the iPod while seeing if the wifi was free, though. It wasn't free, unsurprisingly. I did find something that claimed to be free, but I couldn't get it to connect. Had a muffin to tide me over until late lunch...when the muffin top is more than twice as wide as the base, you may be hitting an evolutionary dead end, culinarily speaking. Also, eating with earbuds in doesn't really work for me, chewing makes them fall out.

Whee, random screening at the gate. I wasn't hassled though. On the down side, this is a big enough plane to have middle seats, and that was all that was left by the time I got my ticket. Predictably, the person with the window seat was last to get on. I'd hope window seats were first allowed to board, but from the guy's phone convo he was running late.

More fun with window guy. Tried to pay for a snack with cash. HAD to hit the restroom during descent. A positive joy to have on an airplane.

Whurg, some gut-churning turbulence on final descent. But we landed on time.

The narrow streets are more than enough to convince me to stick to mass transit if I get this job. Also, the pedestrians seem to be winning the "who's crazier" contest with the drivers.

Broke my streak. No stair access going up, security issue. Just down (and that might have set off alarms, so I didn't try it). So, my first use of an elevator since January 2007...and that time was also a fancy hotel without full stair access.

Quick bite at Au Bon Pain and then taxi to BHCC. Nice day, if a bit warm for my getup. Turned out to be almost a record high for the day.

Grabbed a quick pic from the cab as Bunker Hill Community College came into view. Wasn't quite able to get the whole sign in shot. Should probably have taken a few more pics of the exterior, ah well.

Did some exploring after trying Nick's number and not getting a reply. Layout is a bit maze-like, but shouldn't be too hard to get the hang of. Talked to one of the adjunct faculty and got a feel for the program. They've got an Engineering program going, so it wouldn't all be life sciences service courses.

Looking at the highway outside, I can almost picture it swarming with Clockwork and Trolls (this one isn't a photo I took).

Nick and I took the Orange Line out to Revere Beach (touristy pics: 1, 2, 3)

Dinner at Kelly's on the waterfront. Nice fish sandwich, if a little fall-apart-y. Wind made things challenging as well.

Okay, back in the hotel, bed really soon. Ranged about on the blue and orange lines, chatted a lot, met many dogs. Got a Destroyer straw, a strawberry milk and tomorrow's breakfast muffin at 7-11, packed what I could and called my parents to update them.

Local weather segment said it was a very high pollen day in Boston. This is clearly one of those scales where the top category is very broad, as I didn't notice any allergy symptoms while in town. I scoff at Bostonian pollen, ha!

Bed now. Thanks to the cabbie's choice on the drive from the hotel to the college, I have a good radio station to listen to as I go to sleep (106.7 FM).

April 30, 2011

Bah, took forever to fall asleep despite being bone-tired, and woke up five minutes before the wakeup call. The cab company for which I had a voucher bounced me to another one that turned out not to take BHCC's vouchers. My guess is that this was a dodge on their part to not have to deal with reimbursement, figuring it wasn't worth the fare. Still, got to the airport by 4 and through security by 4:15. Now to kill nearly two hours. At least some stuff is opening up, so the muffin need not be my only breakfast.

Hey, free wifi at Logan. And an outlet. Well, had to watch an ad for the wifi, but it was a fairly cool BMW ad.

Half an hour of online catchup, mostly Facebook stuff. Now to grab more breakfast and prep for boarding.

Had a slice of pizza, good when it's so fresh. Makes up for croissant lunch yesterday.

Legs a bit sore from all the walking last night, but leaving the heavy comforter on the bed so my legs kept warm probably helped some, even if it made getting to sleep a bit harder.

My window seat is in the last group to load. Yeah THAT makes sense.

Okay, correction, group 4 wasn't the last one this time, and I got lucky and beat the D and E people in so we didn't have to do the reseating shuffle.

Managed to get a couple hours of fitful napping in on the flight to DFW (non-symmetric round trip), so I should be okay for the rest of the day. I hope. The plane's music choices include a good AOR "station," so I listened to that rather than run down my iPod batteries while sleeping. It helped that there wasn't a passenger in the E seat, so I could spread out.

I suspect I missed the drinks, if there were any.

Yep, missed drinks. Landed on time, but we were delayed in getting to the gate because the plane previously at our gate was late taking off. Getting in at the south end of C concourse, my connection is in B, maximum tram time and probably worth just walking. Will grab light meal somewhere along the way.

Note, when you operate in an international airport where people are arriving from other time zones or even other continents, "I'm sorry, we only have the breakfast menu" is the wrong answer. What's particularly galling in this case was that the food item I wanted (chicken nuggets) was already hot and ready as an ingredient for the breakfast wraps and they just couldn't sell it to me. I can understand not having the prep space to make the full menu all day, but this is just stoopid.

The plane I'm taking out is late getting in, probably part of a cascade related to the plane that wasn't ready to get out of our way coming in. The forecasted storms haven't materialized, but there's still storms out there in the general area.

Took off about 20 minutes late but had nice smooth weather the whole way and still should arrive before lunchtime.

Good arrival and very nice day out. I would've thought the Spring Game traffic would have died down by noon, but there was so much eastbound past the airport I decided to take the right turn out and have lunch and do a little shopping in Junction City. The local airport doesn't generate enough traffic to merit a stoplight, so left turns are "whenever there's a gap".

And home again, to wait for results. BHCC is hiring a LOT of people in this cycle and all the decisions have to go through one person, so it might take a bit.
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