Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

Kitbash: My Little Channel

I've done a scratchbuild, a Robot Heroes, a Classics transforming one, an Attacktix and a TF:A keychain chibi, so I suppose a pony is inevitable. I tried using dye first, but it mottled around the glued spots and then soaked through the gray paint (many many layers of it, in fact, and I'll probably need to retouch the gray again later).

I decided to break away from the "single color body, faction symbol as cutie mark" style I used on the TF:A ponies, since this is G1 Channel rather than TF:A Channel. :) Mind you, if I can get a bunch of really cheap ponies (maybe via the upcoming Happy Meal promo) I might make TF:A Starscream and his clones from them, and go back to the style I used on Megatron and Bumblebee.

But then, he's easy to please.
Tags: channel, kitbash, my little pony, transformers
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