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Reminder, no comics today

UPS doesn't accept shipments the day after Thanksgiving (or, at least, not under whatever level of service Diamond uses), so comics are on Thursday this week. My "hoped for, but don't expect to see all of" list is: Adventure #521, Secret Six #28, Antman & Wasp #2, Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes #2, Marvel Index v2 #8, Taskmaster #4 and the Hercules New Prince of Power TPB. I may also have some ordered-online Antarctic Press books in hand by Thursday, depending on how the holiday impacted their order fulfillment process.

I actually expect to have to find Avengers EMH at Hastings again, I expect Marvel Index to not show up (at which point I'm yanking it from my pull), and I have the Hercules TPB saved on my Amazon shopping cart because I have zero faith in Diamond's ability to actually deliver trades.
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