Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

Another bit of obsolescence creeps in

Last week, the foam covers on the headphones I wear with my iPod started to fray, so I looked to see if I could find replacements. But not only does no one sell just the foam covers around here, it turned out to be an oddball size that I couldn't cannibalize dollar store headphones for (and I tried that). I finally broke down and bought a new pair, even though the actual working bits of the old pair are still fine.

Unfortunately, I find earbuds very uncomfortable. Even the good ones become an irritant after twenty minutes or so, and the cheap ones hurt immediately. Non-standard ears, I suppose. And while $50 silicone uber-buds might do the trick, I'm reluctant to drop that much money just on the hope. But I also prefer the convenience of headphones that don't have a band between them, which drops me into a very narrow product range: over-ear clip-on headphones. Target has two brands, some Walmarts have a single brand, K-Mart none (and I didn't get around to checking Best Buy).

Eventually, I might end up having to order headphones from online specialty shops, the way things are trending. Unless some health scare erupts over earbuds and clip-overs regain popularity.
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