Dave Van Domelen (dvandom) wrote,
Dave Van Domelen

ASH/COH: Jen Kleinvogel as a Praetorian

ETA: For those who don't follow ASH, Jen's power is to create an antigravity sheath that lets her fly. It also tends to warp light around her, making her very hard to see. She's otherwise been trained as your basic SHIELD-style super-agent (and my original stab at her outfit made her as an Assault Rifle Blaster), but during a year spent trapped in ancient China she picked up some more sword skills. Upon returning to her own time, she requisitioned a plot-device-alloy-reinforced sword with which to use her new skills. To make her as a Blaster originally would have required using two pools (Flight and Concealment, plus the usual Fitness if she wanted to stay in Stealth), so she couldn't have been "complete" until at least L8. As a Stalker, she got the stealth right away and could fly by L6 (well, Hover). Plus, Stalkers' Hide power costs no Endurance, unlike Stealth.
Tags: academy of super-heroes, city of heroes
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