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24th November 2015

6:29am: Big iMac

21st November 2015

10:34am: Warmachine: some Precursor Knight grunts and the Officer
I was starting on these back in August, which tells you how much energy I've had for painting this semester. Also, painting yellow next to dark green is de-motivational.
Aaron Rodgers as the Officer, obviously.Collapse )

16th November 2015

3:13pm: My opinion on "Third Party" and BotCon
The chickens are coming home to roost, FP has bought sufficient rope to hang itself, they're reaping what they have sown, etc.

For years, BotCon and the Transformers Collectors' Club that run it have been encouraging a certain kind of fan. It's right in the name: collectors. People who want that rare item that can't just be picked up at Walmart. If you're coming to BotCon, you're sinking a lot of cash for some exclusives and the right to mingle with and buy from people who have rare stuff. If you're paying for the privilege of being a dealer, you want to be sure you can sell some very high margin stuff.

Thing is, eventually most of the potential buyers have their complete sets of mint in sealed box G1 toys, and have bought the Masterpiece stuff online. So what, other than the official exclusives, are available as rarities?

Third party toys, also known as gross violations of Hasbro's trademarks. Some try to be more subtle about it, but usually it's very clear you're buying someone else's version of Predaking or of Goldbug's faceplate or whatnot. They're very high margin, and it's easy enough for dealers to make pacts with the manufacturers to make certain variant color runs available only at conventions.

Unfortunately for BotCon, the legal halo of liability extends beyond the convention floor, and part of the price to be the official convention is that they have to play by the rules. Rules that Hasbro is unable to enforce at the manufacturing end, since the makers are often overseas or hidden behind enough layers of obfuscation as to not be worth the legal and PR hassles. So Hasbro banned sale of 3P stuff at BotCon a while back. The dealers just started having wink-and-nod hotel room sales of the same merchandise after hours. Now BotCon is apparently being required to police the official convention hotel as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if anyone wanting to be a vendor or attendee at BotCon would have to agree to be policed no matter where they're staying the night.

Will this kill BotCon in general? Probably not, but it could result in the license being taken away from the current holders and given to someone who can find a way to make a profit without having to choose between legality and money.

Letting vendors resume sales of illegal product at or near BotCon is not an option, and wouldn't save BotCon anyway, just slow the demise. If BotCon is to survive, they need to find a way to be something other than a means of producing low-run redecos and retools. Heck, I'd be fine with the TFCC continuing to produce the kits, but split BotCon off from it.

29th October 2015

10:26pm: Review: Comics for October 2015
October 29, 2015: 1999 Episodes 5-12, Kentucky Fried Chicken presents the Colonel of Two Worlds, Hilo: the Boy Who Crashed to Earth Book 1, The Courageous Princess vol 3 *, Little Pony Drawing Book, SHIELD #11, Ms. Marvel #19 *, Spider-Man 2099 #1-2, Invader Zim #4, Gold Digger #225, Astro City #28, My Little Pony Friends Forever #21, My Little Pony Frienship is Magic #35, Transformers Robots in Disguise #3, Transformers Redemption, The Transformers #46, Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire #1-2 (of 5).

25th October 2015

4:08pm: Torchbearer Firebreak
Working on turning a spare Tailgate into Peridot, but I had no plans for Groundbreaker. I soaked it in the yellow dye tub to see what would happen, and while it didn't get as green as Tailgate's shins, it ended up at pretty close to the Torchbearer (Victorion) color scheme. Since The Transformers #46 establishes that there's more Torchbearers than just the Victorion team, why not a Mini-Con Torchbearer? Caminus has energy troubles, so Micros would make sense.

The yellow residue is almost invisible under normal lighting conditions, didn't really notice it until looking at the photos I took.
11:56am: Repaint: Chromed Captain Phasma
Taking a break from the Precursor slog, I did a relatively quick chrome job on a Captain Phasma action figure (and discovered that Ep7 figures are not to scale with Rebels figures when I set the completed work next to my purple Stormtrooper).
Ride the Fury Hyperlane, all shiny and chrome!Collapse )

8th October 2015

11:18pm: Warmachine: some Precursor Knight grunts
Yeah, only took me a week to put the "finishing touches" on these three. At this rate, I might be done with the whole unit by the end of the year....
I used jersey numbers off the current active roster, focusing mostly on ones that were SHORT when expressed as Roman numerals.Collapse )

2nd October 2015

4:48pm: Warmachine: Precursor Knight Standard Bearer
Three more are far enough along I might be done with them by the end of the weekend, the other eight are just at "primer and the forest green base layer" stage.

30th September 2015

9:00pm: Review: Comics for September 2015
September 30, 2015: 1999 Episodes 1-4, Empowered vol 9, SHIELD #10, Ms. Marvel #18 *, Astro City #27, Kaijumax #6, Toil & Trouble #1 (of 6), My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #34, My Little Pony Friends Forever #20 *, The Transformers #45, Transformers: Windblade #7, Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #44-45, Invader Zim #3.

11th September 2015

8:30pm: Coherent Super Stories #38 - "License To Nil": Not written for any High Concept Challenge, but still a pretty high concept. The 1970s were full of weird licensed comics, so why should the counterfactual Coherent Comics be any different? Featuring Henry Stanley Seagull.

9th September 2015

11:12pm: Warmachine: Mod_Siege
I tweaked the new sculpt of Siege Brisbane to make him a board moderator.

31st August 2015

8:52pm: Quick color sketch idea

I was surprised there wasn't some variation of this idea on deviantArt already.

29th August 2015

10:35pm: Review: Comics for August 2015
August 29, 2015: Vixen online episode 101, Lego Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom *, ThrillBent.com (The Best Thing, Arcanum, The Endling, In The Pi of the Beholder), Courageous Princess vol 2, Steampunk Snow Queen #3 (of 3), Gold Digger #224, SHIELD #9, Ms. Marvel #17, Astro City #26, Kaijumax #5, Ragnarok #6, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #33, My Little Pony Friendship Forever #19, Transformers: Robots in Disguise Animated #2, The Transformers #44, Transformers Windblade #6, Invader Zim #2 *.

5:03pm: Review: Combiner Wars Deluxe Wave 4
Sunstreaker, Mirage, Prowl, and Ironhide. Just head swaps, but Sunstreaker and Mirage work pretty well.

23rd August 2015

4:13pm: Review: PRiD Legion wave 4
Night Ops Bumblebee, Patrol Strongarm, Ultra Magnus Optimus Prime (well, that's what the app game calls him). All pretty good.

22nd August 2015

4:06pm: Review: PRiD Legion TRU 2-packs
Megatronus vs. Optimus Prime, Underbite vs. Bumblebee. Megatronus is the only new mold, Optimus is a weak deco, and Underbite is Eva-01.

4th August 2015

1:07am: Journeyman Warcaster Pearl
Modified Alison Jakes's Journeyman Warcaster armor for Pearl (ditched the powerplant, Pearl is self-powered). Intentionally odd pose, but some unintentionally non-euclidian aspects might have crept in. Ink and Prismacolors (base markers almost completely covered by pencils, blending in background circle a little better in person than in scan).

Also had to use a little paint to fix some line errors.Collapse )
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