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30th November 2016

7:56pm: Review: Comics Capsules for November 2016
November 30, 2016: Doctor Strange (movie), Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader, Supermansion Season 1, Vixen Season 2, DC SuperHero Girls Hits and Myths, John Aman: Amazing Man #1-6, The Extraordinary Miniature Man #1, Champions #2, The Totally Awesome Hulk #12, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #13, Ms. Marvel #13, Invader Zim #15, Blue Beetle #3, Deathstroke #6-7, Hanna-Barbera Future Quest #7, Mega Princess #1 (of 5), Kaijumax Season 2 #6 (of 6), My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #48, My Little Pony Friends Forever #34, Atomic Robo the Temple of Od #4, Revolution #4-5 (of 5), Transformers: Till All Are One Revolution One-Shot, Transformers: Till All Are One #5, The Four Color Comic Book History of Comics #1 (of 6).

22nd November 2016

9:51pm: Review: Titans Return Alpha Trion
Meh. Some good ideas, but not great execution, and this really should have been Lioconvoy or Rampage. A retooled Scourge might have worked better as Alpha Trion, TBH.

19th November 2016

12:43pm: Sebastian Nemo's most horrifying creation
Nemo is one of the warcasters in Warmachine, basically "Tony Stark as an old technomage" sort, and obsessed with lightning. All of his Warjack designs involve lightning somehow. Warbeasts are used by some of the factions...so what if he decided to breed a Warbeast? Well, this.

15th November 2016

10:15pm: Kitbash: Brayniac 5

7th November 2016

11:33pm: Polaridot - Peridot as Polaris (Lorna Dane)
My scanned decided it no longer wanted to work now that I've updated to Sierra, so this is a phone pic with a lot of magic wanding.
Nya ha ha!Collapse )
6:52pm: Third Parties Ain't Gonna Get Big
The United States has a two-party system, and looking at history, I don't see that really changing. It's not how we do things.

Think about it. It's been Republicans and Democrats holding almost all the power between them since the 1850s, and the Republicans are really just a renamed wing of the Whigs. If the GOP splintered and the Tea Party split off on its own and took over most of the GOP seats, it'd be about what happened to the Whigs. Since the Republicans devoured their Whiggish host body, it's been just the two parties.

Successful third parties have popped up every so often (Free Silver, Know Nothing, Populist, Bull Moose, Reform, etc), but they did not displace either Republicans or Democrats. Some collapsed because they were single-issue or single-candidate and the moment passed (successfully or unsuccessfully).

But the inevitable fate of a successful third party in this country is not to displace one of the Big Two: it's absorption. One of the two majors will alter its platform enough to attract the base of the third party, and be thereby changed. The Democrats absorbed Populists and Socialists and became far more left-leaning and big-government in the 1920s and 1930s. There was a rumbling that Dixiecrats might split off and form their own deal in the 60s and 70s, but the GOP absorbed them and changed. And so forth. The parties might coast on their guaranteed ballot spots for decades afterwards, but they've essentially become places for failed Democrats or Republicans to go in order to at least say they were on the general election ballot. (i.e. such Libertarian values as can be mainstreamed have already been absorbed by the GOP, leaving behind the cranks and ego-cases.)

If you like a third party, it might feel good to vote for them, but you might have a better chance of seeing your goals met long term by trying to pressure Democratic or Republican candidates into adopting the values of the third party instead. (ETA: But not the Libertarians or Greens, they've been sucked dry already. You'd just be voting for a husk.)

29th October 2016

8:37pm: Review: Walgreens exclusive Titans Return Brainstorm
Good retool of a very good mold.
6:17pm: Review: Comics Capsules for October 2016
October 29, 2016: Luke Cage (Netflix), Overwatch #9, DC SuperHero Girls Yearbook, Halloween Fest 2016 Freebies (Mickey's Inferno, Unbeatable Squirrel-Girl, DC SuperHero Girls), Champions #1, Totally Awesome Hulk #11, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #12, Ms. Marvel v2 #12, Gold Digger #237, Invader Zim #14, Blue Beetle #2, Deathstroke #4-5, Astro City #40, Hanna-Barbera Future Quest #5-6, Kaijumax Season 2 #5 (of 6), Ragnarok #10, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #47, My Little Pony Friends Forever #33, Atomic Robo: the Temple of Od #2-3, Revolution #2-3, Transformers Revolution One-Shot *.

18th October 2016

1:00am: Kitbash: Power Amethyst

That's it for now, unless I can figure out something to do with the gloves-on Garnet mold.

14th October 2016

6:56pm: Kitbash: Sensor Garnet
One more to go after this, unless I get doubles of Pearl and Connie.

9th October 2016

3:49pm: Review: Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime with Apex
Recommended. Shares very few parts in common with Ultra Magnus.

5th October 2016

8:23pm: Kitbash: Bouncing Steven
Another for the Legion of Crystal Gems!

1st October 2016

6:49pm: Review: Titans Return Autobot Blaster with Twin Cast
Strongly recommended.

Here's a shot of the base mode attached to Fort Max.

30th September 2016

5:07pm: Legion of Crystal Gems: Brainidot 5
4:57pm: Review: Comic Capsules for September 2016
September 30, 2016: Mastering Manga 3 Power Up with Mark Crilley, Steven Universe the Answer *, Deadpool Annual #1, Totally Awesome Hulk #10, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #11, Ms. Marvel v2 #11, Gold Digger #236, Invader Zim #13, Blue Beetle #1, Deathstroke #2-3, Astro City #38-39, Kaijumax v2 #4, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #46, My Little Pony Friends Forever #32, Revolution #1, Revolution MASK #1, The Transformers #57, Transformers Till All Are One #4, Transformers More than Meets the Eye #57.

3rd September 2016

5:10pm: Review: Titan Masters wave 2
Two decent retools, two new molds, all worth picking up. Skytread (aka Flywheels), Brawn, Apeface, Clobber (aka Grimlock).
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