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22nd July 2014

4:08pm: Review: Kreon Combiners Volcanicon, Obsidian, and Lazerbolt
Huh, finished Volcanicon a while ago, forgot to post it anywhere.
Volcanicon, Obsidian, Lazerbolt.

14th July 2014

12:14pm: Kitbash: AoE Big Daddy
I got High Octane Bumblebee on sale, reviewed him, and then immediately kitbashed him into a slightly more yellowy than orage Big Daddy. Images behind cut.
Gave him the 1980s style California license plates because they're cooler.Collapse )

30th June 2014

11:34pm: Comics for June, 2014 (just under the wire!)
June 30, 2014: Nova Phase #3, Serenity Leaves on the Wind #6 (of 6), Astro City #13, Gold Digger #211, My Little Pony Friends Forever #6, My Little Pony Friendship Forever #20, Transformers: Windblade #3 (of 4), Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #30 *.

27th June 2014

7:07pm: And moved in.
Feeling like a wet noodle at the moment. I seem to have lost three pounds, but I'm guessing it was mostly water weight and will be back once I recover.

25th June 2014

9:01pm: Survived the trip
Generally pretty awful two days except for a couple hours last night visiting with a friend in Oklahoma City, but I made it. Tomorrow the movers deliver my stuff.

20th June 2014

4:22pm: For the benefit of those who only read me on LJ....
Next week I'll be moving to Amarillo, TX. This Fall I will be starting what hopefully will be a long term position at Amarillo College. After much hassle and stress, I have a place to live in Amarillo, and it's much nicer than anywhere I've lived since moving out on my own. And more expensive, but the new job has a better salary than anything I've had before as well.

6th June 2014

8:21pm: Domo-kun Sig.Lad repaint

Started as Aquaman (DC Domo-kun blindbox set), but the design didn't sing to me, so I repainted it as my LNH Writer-Character, Sig.Lad.

31st May 2014

7:02pm: Comics for May, 2014
May 31, 2014: Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Son of Batman, Transformers: More than Meets the Eye vol 3-5, Serenity Rose: 10 Awkward Years *, Serenity Leaves in the Wind #4-5, Astro City #12, Gold Digger #210, Transformers: Robots in Disguise #28-29, Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #28-29, Transformers: Windblade #2 (of 4), My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #18*-19, My Little Pony Friends Forever #5.

19th May 2014

11:53am: Microfiction: The Karmic Annihilator Engine
I put down the letter with satisfaction and turned to my colleague, Professor Edmunds. "The final preparations are in place, I am ready to activate the Karmic Annihilator Engine. With one throw of this lever," I gestured at the faintly hissing structure of brass, glass, and exotic materials that covered most of the floor of the laboratory, "the world will be freed from the depredations of the fanatic. Every person who would kill for their beliefs will be reduced to a puff of vapor in an instant."

"By Jove, Simpson, what a grand world we shall see!"

"'We,' Edmunds? I'm afraid not. This," I picked up the letter, "is a notification from my solicitor, that my last will and testament has been properly filed. Or did you think such a device would ignore its operator?"
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